Reasons Behind The Rejection of Allotted Land for AIIMS Darbhanga by Union Health Ministry Rejects

Accordingly, the Union Health Ministry, Government of India, has rejected the 151 acres of land that were allocated for AIIMS Darbhanga in Ekmi Shobhan Bypass (Ballia). The rejection was based on the grounds of inadequate land size and other technical reasons cited by the ministry.

Despite the state government’s efforts in providing the allotted land and completing necessary preparations such as landfilling, construction of a boundary wall, and establishing a four-lane connectivity, the central government has deemed the land unsuitable for the construction of AIIMS Darbhanga.

The decision to reject the land raises questions about the disparity between the initial approval given by the central team, which had inspected and reportedly approved the allotted land near the Shobhan-Ekmi bypass in April 2023. The sudden change in the central government’s position has left the state government seeking clarification on the reasons behind this refusal.

While the rejection is disappointing, the state government remains hopeful for a positive resolution and urges the central government to reconsider its decision. The construction of AIIMS Darbhanga would significantly contribute to improving healthcare services in the region, and the state government is determined to find a suitable alternative to ensure the project’s successful implementation.

The state government continues to prioritize healthcare infrastructure development, as evidenced by the recent approval for the development of Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) and the construction of a new 2100-bed super specialty hospital. The government’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services in the region remains steadfast, and the allocation of funds for this ambitious project underscores their dedication to providing improved medical facilities to the citizens.

As the state eagerly awaits a positive response from the central government, it remains committed to working closely with the authorities to address any concerns and overcome the challenges hindering the construction of AIIMS Darbhanga. The successful realization of this crucial healthcare project would be a significant milestone in ensuring better medical services and overall well-being for the people in the region.


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