Breaking News: Araria in Bihar Shaken by 4.3 Magnitude Earthquake

In breaking news, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake has hit the district of Araria in the Indian state of Bihar. The earthquake struck at approximately 5:35 am IST on Wednesday and was felt by residents in the surrounding areas.

According to reports, the earthquake had its epicenter at a depth of 10 km in Araria. The tremors lasted for a few seconds and caused panic among residents who rushed out of their homes and offices. No injuries or casualties have been reported yet, but several buildings have suffered damage.

The state government has issued a high alert and asked the concerned officials to assess the damage and take necessary action. Rescue teams have been dispatched to the affected areas to assess the situation and provide relief to those in need.

This is not the first time that the state of Bihar has been hit by an earthquake. The state is located in a seismic zone and has experienced several earthquakes in the past. In 2015, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, which was felt across Bihar and caused significant damage.

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Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that cannot be predicted. However, it is important for residents in earthquake-prone areas to be prepared for such emergencies. They should be aware of the dos and don’ts during an earthquake and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

As the situation develops, authorities will provide updates on the impact of the earthquake and the measures being taken to provide relief and support to the affected people.


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