Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Offers Apology for Controversial “Coitus Interruptus” Family Planning Remarks During Assembly Speech

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has publicly apologized for his recent controversial speech on family planning in the Bihar assembly. He stated, “I apologize if anyone is hurt by my statement. I take back my words. I am ashamed of my statement. I condemn my own.”

The Chief Minister’s apology comes after a widespread outcry and criticism from various quarters of the society following his remarks, which were deemed insensitive and offensive. In his speech, Nitish Kumar had made comments that had deeply offended many citizens, leading to calls for his resignation.

In his apology, Kumar acknowledged the hurt caused by his words and expressed deep regret for the insensitive remarks he had made. He assured the public that he had reconsidered his stance and condemned his own statements.

The apology has been welcomed by some as a step towards reconciliation and mending fences with the people who were offended by his initial remarks. It remains to be seen how the public will receive this apology and whether it will lead to a change in public opinion.

For now, the Chief Minister’s public apology serves as a reminder of the power of public opinion and the need for responsible and considerate speech by public figures in the interest of fostering unity and harmony in society.


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