Modi’s Gift: Darbhanga on Track for a World-Class Railway Station Transformation! | Samastipur Railway Division Redevelopment

In a monumental move towards enhancing infrastructure, the Modi government has bestowed Darbhanga with the gift of a world-class railway station. This development comes as part of the government’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities to the Darbhanga station, which falls under the Samastipur Railway Division.

A significant step in this direction was the publication of the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) tender amounting to Rs 314.26 crore on 8th November 2023. Interested parties have until the 26th of December 2023 to participate in the tender process.

This allocation of funds underscores the government’s dedication to elevating Darbhanga’s railway infrastructure to meet global standards. The substantial investment is expected to transform the station into a modern hub equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers.

The announcement has generated optimism and enthusiasm among the residents of Darbhanga, as they anticipate the positive impact this development will have on the region’s connectivity and economic prospects. The endeavor aligns with the government’s vision of creating efficient and world-class railway networks across the country.

As the tender process unfolds, stakeholders eagerly await the selection of the contractor who will play a crucial role in bringing this ambitious project to fruition. The successful completion of this venture is poised to mark a new chapter in Darbhanga’s history, reflecting the commitment of the Modi government to usher in progress and prosperity for the people of the region.


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