Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal State Telangana to Hold Inaugural Convention on August 13, 2023, Focusing on Liberating Hindu Temples from Government Control

Bhagyanagar, Telangana: In a significant step towards advocating for the rights and autonomy of Hindu temples and monasteries, Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal State Telangana is gearing up to host its first state convention on August 13, 2023, in the state capital Bhagyanagar.

The central theme of the convention will be the party’s resolution, which emphasizes “freeing Hindu temples and monasteries from government control.” This resolution holds a prominent place among the seven core principles of the Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal and reflects the party’s commitment to restoring autonomy and self-governance to sacred Hindu institutions.

Distinguished Guests of Honor at the convention will include Mr. Nageswara Rao, former Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and Mr. CS Rangarajan, an Archak (priest) and Trustee of the revered Chilkur Balaji Temple. Their presence underscores the significance of the event and the pressing need to address the concerns related to the governance and administration of Hindu temples and monasteries.

The convention is expected to bring together like-minded individuals, leaders, and activists from across Telangana who are committed to safeguarding the cultural heritage and religious autonomy of Hindu institutions. It will provide a platform for open discussions, deliberations, and the exchange of ideas on ways to achieve the goal of freeing these institutions from government control.

Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal State Telangana is poised to make a resounding impact with its inaugural convention, focusing on a crucial aspect of Hindu society’s concerns. The gathering aims to pave the way for informed dialogue and collaborative efforts in order to realize the party’s vision of a more empowered and autonomous Hindu community.

As preparations are underway for this landmark event, attendees and observers alike are eagerly awaiting the convention’s outcome, hoping that it will mark the beginning of a renewed drive towards the restoration of Hindu temple autonomy in Telangana and beyond. To stay updated and learn more about the Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal and its initiatives, please visit their official website: ekamsanatanbharat.org.


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