Israeli Defense Minister Declares Total Blockade of Gaza in Response to Hamas Attack

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant announced on Monday (October 9, 2023) a comprehensive blockade of the Gaza Strip in response to recent regional escalations. The move comes three days after the militant group Hamas carried out one of its deadliest attacks against Israel in decades.

In a video message, Minister Galant declared a “complete siege” on the Gaza Strip, which encompasses denying essential resources such as electricity, food, and fuel to the Palestinian territory.

This action is a direct response to what Galant described as a fight against “barbaric terrorists,” and he emphasized that Israel would act accordingly. This marks a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Over 300,000 Israeli reserve soldiers have been mobilized to enforce this blockade and are taking up positions in areas surrounding the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Defense Minister’s announcement reflects a tough stance on security matters, a characteristic for which Galant is known, particularly during his tenure in the Benjamin Netanyahu government.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also weighed in on the situation, sharing images of air strikes in Gaza and stating, “We have started. Israel will prevail. Stay updated with the latest developments with the conflicts in Israel.


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