Manish Kashyap’s Mother Questions Discrepancy in FIR Sections; Asks President Why No Action on Udhayanidhi Stalin

In a startling turn of events, Manish Kashyap’s mother has penned a letter to the President of India, raising concerns about the application of FIR sections in her son’s case compared to the lack of similar action against Udhayanidhi Stalin, son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin.

The controversy stems from remarks made by Udhayanidhi Stalin during a conference in Chennai, where he advocated the eradication of Sanatana, claiming it to be against the principles of social justice.

Addressing a conference organized by the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers Artists Association on the theme of ‘eradication of Sanatana’ last Saturday, Udhayanidhi Stalin expressed his views on the subject, sparking a contentious debate. He argued that Sanatana was opposed to the idea of social justice and must be eradicated.

Manish Kashyap, who has recently faced legal troubles with FIRs being filed against him, has raised questions about the inconsistency in the application of law and sections between his case and that of Udhayanidhi Stalin.

Kashyap’s mother, in her letter to the President, pointedly asked why her son had been subjected to stringent sections, including the National Security Act (NSA), while Udhayanidhi Stalin faced no such action despite his controversial statements.

Letter by Manish kashyap mother
Letter by Manish Kashyap mother

The letter, which has gained significant attention, highlights the larger debate surrounding freedom of expression and the use of legal measures in India. It has also led to discussions on whether political affiliations play a role in the handling of such cases.

The Tamil Nadu government has not yet responded to the letter, but it is expected that this development will intensify the ongoing discourse on the balance between freedom of speech and the application of the law, particularly in cases involving influential individuals.

As the nation watches closely, questions remain about the future course of action in both Manish Kashyap’s legal situation and the larger debate regarding the statements made by Udhayanidhi Stalin and their implications for the Indian legal system.


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