Retired Army Colonel Urges PM Modi to Deploy Indian Army in Manipur; Urgent Intervention Needed

New Delhi, July 4, 2023 – In a highly emotional plea, a retired army colonel broke down during a press conference today while urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to deploy the Indian Army in Manipur. With a trembling voice, the retired colonel stressed the urgent need for the Prime Minister’s intervention in the troubled northeastern state.

Colonel Rajesh Kumar, a highly respected and decorated officer known for his service in various conflict zones, expressed his deep concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in Manipur. The retired colonel, who hails from Manipur himself, passionately detailed the grave challenges faced by the state and its residents.

“Manipur is on the brink of a crisis,” Colonel Kumar said, his voice filled with anguish. “The current situation demands immediate attention from our esteemed Prime Minister. The state is grappling with rampant insurgencies, ethnic tensions, and increasing incidents of violence. Innocent lives are being lost every day, and the people of Manipur are living in fear.”

Colonel Kumar highlighted the escalating activities of several armed insurgent groups in the region, pointing out that their unchecked actions were creating havoc among the populace. He emphasized the urgent need for the Indian Army to be deployed to restore law and order, protect the lives of the citizens, and ensure the integrity of the nation.

“Manipur has always been a strategic and sensitive region, and it requires the immediate presence of the Indian Army,” Colonel Kumar continued, his voice choked with emotion. “Our brave soldiers have the expertise and dedication to combat insurgency and bring stability to the region. We cannot allow innocent civilians to suffer any longer.”

The retired colonel appealed directly to Prime Minister Modi, urging him to prioritize the situation in Manipur and take swift action. He emphasized that the deployment of the Indian Army would not only restore peace but also instill a sense of security among the people, allowing them to rebuild their lives and contribute to the nation’s progress.

“It’s high time we intervene and save Manipur from the grip of violence and turmoil,” Colonel Kumar implored, wiping tears from his eyes. “The people of Manipur are counting on our Prime Minister’s leadership and the strength of our armed forces. Let us stand together and bring stability to this troubled land.”

Colonel Kumar’s emotional appeal has stirred a wave of sympathy and concern among citizens across the nation. It remains to be seen how the Prime Minister and the central government respond to this heartfelt plea for immediate action in Manipur.

As the situation in Manipur continues to escalate, the people eagerly await the government’s response, hoping that their plea for help will not go unanswered. The fate of the state and the well-being of its residents now lie in the hands of the nation’s leaders, who hold the power to bring about a positive change in Manipur’s troubled landscape.


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