Train Route Alterations Due to Derailment of Train Number 12506 Near Raghunathpur Station

In a recent and tragic incident, some coaches of Train Number 12506, the North East Express, en route from Anand Vihar Terminal to Kamakhya, derailed at approximately 9:35 PM near Raghunathpur station in the Danapur division.

The derailment has resulted in a loss of four lives and left over 70 passengers injured. The safety and recovery of passengers remain paramount, and all necessary measures are being taken to provide them with the best possible care.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya issued a statement, expressing deep condolences for the lives lost and the injured passengers in the train accident in Buxar.

He emphasized the need for quick and optimal medical treatment and extended support to the affected passengers. Instructions have been relayed to AIIMS, Patna, to ensure that the injured receive the best medical care.

Changes in Train Routes:

In response to the derailment and to minimize disruptions to train operations, the following temporary changes have been made in the operation of trains running on the Anand Vihar Terminal-Kamakhya Express route:

  1. Diversion of Train Routes: Several trains on this route have been temporarily diverted to alternative paths. Passengers are urged to stay informed about the revised schedules of these trains.
  2. Cancellation of Some Services: Certain train services scheduled to operate on this route have been canceled until further notice. Passengers with reservations on these trains are advised to seek alternative travel options or applicable refunds.
  3. Rescheduled Train Timings: Departure and arrival timings of several trains on this route have been adjusted to reduce inconvenience to passengers. Travelers are encouraged to check the updated schedules before planning their journeys.
  4. Enhanced Safety Measures: Railway authorities have bolstered safety protocols in the region to prevent any further incidents and to ensure the safety of passengers. Efforts to clear the derailed train from the tracks and restore normalcy are currently underway.

DN Trains

Sr.TrainTrain NameJCORemarks
112149PUNE-DNR EXPRESS10.10.23Diverted via DDU-SSM-ARA
212141LTT-PPTA EXPRESS10.10.23Diverted via DDU-SSM-ARA
312424RAJDHANI EXPRESS11.10.23Diverted via DDU-SSM-ARA
515623BGKT-KYQ EXPRESS10.10.23Diverted via DDU-GAYA-PNBE
615633BKN-GHY EXPRESS11.10.23Diverted via DDU-GAYA-PNBE
712310NDLS-RJPB TEJAS RAJ EXP11.10.23Diverted via DDU-GAYA-PNBE
822406ANVT-BGP GARIB RATH11.10.23Diverted via DDU-GAYA-PNBE
912488ANVT-JBN SUPERFAST EXP11.01.23Presently at DLN to be backed to DDU & diverted via DDU-GAYA-PNBE
1015484DLI-APDJ SIKKIM MAHANANDA EXPRESS11.01.23Presently at DHA to be backed to DDU & diverted via DDU-GAYA-PNBE
1122466ANVT-MDP SUF11.10.23Diverted via DDU-GAYA-PNBE
Down Trains List

UP Trains

Sr.TrainTrain NameJCORemarks
119484BJU – ADI – EXPRESS11.10.23Diverted Via ARA-SSM-DDU
322449GHY-NDLS EXPRESS11.10.23Diverted Via ARA-SSM-DDU
412150DNR-PUNE EXP11.10.23Diverted Via ARA-SSM-DDU
513201PNBE LTT EXPRESS11.10.23Diverted via PNBE-GAYA-DDU
722972PNBE – BDTS SUF EXPRESS11.10.23Diverted via PNBE-GAYA-DDU
Up Trains List

Authorities continue to work tirelessly to restore regular train operations on the Anand Vihar Terminal-Kamakhya Express route as soon as possible. Investigations into the cause of the derailment are ongoing, with the aim of preventing such incidents in the future.


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